Meyland-Smith's story 

Meyland-Smith was founded in Copenhagen in 1901 by Georg Valdemar Mark Andreas Meyland-Smith who, after training as a blacksmith a few years earlier had left his hometown Fraugde Fyn to try his luck in the capital. After working a few years with the most common transportation art at this time - cycle - including in Hamlet and military service decided GVA Meyland-Smith to start his own business. After a visit home he got a loan of US$ 125 (equivalent to a half-yearly salary) - from farm owner Andersen Mr. Meyland-smith found suitable premises in Classens Street 41 Eastern part of Copenhagen. The first several years were produced many types of bicycles and bicycle accessories and eventually, the products were turned more towards hospital equipment and equipment repair for elderly houses. The premises of Classens Street No. 41 was getting too small and when No. 45 was vacant, the company moved. In this way, the production was turned towards the tools in general.

In the years leading up to World War II, production was more directed towards small serial manufacturing and several machines were installed to make a more effective production. Caused by the shortage of various goods and raw material during 1940 – 45 the ingenuity was great to be able to satisfy users' desires and needs.

In 1940, Henry Meyland-Smith employee (son of the founder) and when its founder died in 1951, Henry took over leadership of the company. In the years to follow many different products and the development of motorized bicycles and mopeds were attempted. The changes in social legislation in the which meant that everyone needed help care could get help meant a greatly increased demand for facilities and equipment in Denmark, but also slightly in Sweden and Finland.

In 1971, Allan Nissen (our current distributor in Canada) hired and took over the business. Together with Prof. Plum and request from Karen's Memorial Institution in Valby it became the basis for the walkers. Allan Nissen focused on the development of wakkers and premises in Classens street was too small. The company moved for a short period to another part of Copenhagen Søborg for approx. 3 years before it was moved to its present premises in Tars in North Jutland. The reason for the choice of Tars due to several circumstances that Allan Nissen had family in the area and that at the time was an active regional development in the area, with the possibility of public subsidies.

Allen Nissen sold in 1979 the first 50% of the business to Hans Brøndum and the remaining part when he travel to Canada in 1986.

Hans Brøndum died in 2005 and subsequently the company has been partly owned by descendants and staff until Meyland-Smith in the summer of 2011 was bought by Palle Lind Jensen and Jan Sahlertz. The company currently consists of an efficient production department and the administration that provides for the daily operation and ongoing development. Invested in modern production so quality and efficiency are optimized and we are well equipped to help users around the world gain a better everyday.

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